Modafinil intersection with other medicines

520 different drugs react with Modafinil. Of these 57 drug interactions are deemed having potentially serious consequences. When investigating interactions, remember to go through the name from the active ingredient rather than the brand. To be on the safe side, it will be wisest never to use Modafinil in conjunction with other drugs.

There are also some pharmacies in mainland Europe that say they supply an identical online prescription writing service, even though it is hard to discover registration information of these pharmacies, and the legitimacy with the prescriptions they write may be suspect. Do your research into any online pharmacies you are considering buying products from, checking for registration information whenever possible, and reading customer feedback for the products received.

While both adrafinil and modafinil feel safe, effective, well tolerated, and virtually identical in many ways, adrafinil may be the right choice for users seeking nootropic benefits because it’s easily obtainable like a nootropic or health supplement which enable it to be legally purchased physician at a fraction from the price of modafinil.